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What is Menara? Why does it exist?

As a country with diversity as its strength, Indonesia has many talents, generating meaningful impact through technology, waiting to be discovered.

To help support a diverse community of passionate creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs, also to strengthen the startup ecosystem in the country, KIBAR, with Google for Entrepreneurs as the founding partner, has built Menara, an innovation hub in Jakarta.

At Menara, we provide the place and offer integrated programs for you to carry out your utmost potential. We have a coworking space, an incubator, an event space, and an outdoor amphitheater. The event space is located on the second floor, while the coworking space is located on the third floor. We have BNVLabs incubator located on 5th floor to which you can apply here if you wish to join.

Who are the people who belong in Menara?

Menara is about diversity, enhanced by collaboration to develop meaningful innovation and deliver impact with a focus on the technology and creativity fields. Menara residents are creators, innovators, and entrepreneur who are keen on contributing to the ecosystem.


I would like to host, attend, and/or suggest an event at Menara, to whom do I can talk to?

To host or attend, it's easy, just access our app. Want to suggest an events? Email us here and our team will contact you shortly.

What added services do you provide?

Basically, we can provide all you need in running an event. Here are the range of services available based on your needs which can be added to your space booking plan.

  • Event management team
  • Event documentation: photograph & videograph
  • MC
  • Catering


Does Menara have what I look for in a coworking space?

The question is, do you have what it takes to be part of Menara community? As you may have expectations from a coworking space, we also have ours from our candidates. It’s only fair.

As we stated earlier, Menara is all about collaboration and we expect our members to be open to new ideas and suggestions from other fellow members on working together.

Well, the answer of your question, has already been stated in our homepage.

How to apply for the membership?

As we strive to deliver and enhance the quality and diversity of our community, we carefully select membership applications to determine whether new applicants will be able to contribute accordingly. That’s why we suggest that you to fill the application thoughtfully. To apply for membership, access the application form here.

What kind of workspace does Menara offer?

At Menara we only provide Hot Desks. Members are not required to reserve a particular workspace in advance and are free to use any available desk.

Can I apply for a trial membership?

At this point we do not offer trial memberships but we do have a Daily Pass if you wish to use our facilities for a day. The Daily Pass costs USD 20, for which you can apply here.

Is it possible to reserve the meeting rooms? How do I book?

The use of meeting rooms is included in the membership plan. You can book them yourself from the Menara App.

I need coffee. Do you have good coffee?

Yes, we do! Just visit Perguruan Kopi on the second floor. Just as we carefully select our members, we only use beans selected by the quality coffee curators from ABCD School of Coffee.

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